Be As A Local was founded in 2018 in Trieste by Dag Harald Johannessen with the support of Wolfgang Cordsen. The business idea was to share the rich offers of Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with visitors from the Nordic Countries.

During his many years of residence in Trieste, Dag has discovered that the Region is very little known in Northern Europe.

As a Norwegian, he knows well what Nordic tourists are requesting in terms of quality, services, information, wi-fi, breakfast and beds. And he has established a very profound knowledge of what this Region has to offer, including a comprehensive contact network.

Wolfgang, with more than four decades as a tourism professional, with German roots, is ensuring the professional tourism aspect as the Technical Director and Project Manager.  Together, they will let you experience the special activities or places that only a real local would be aware of,  in addition to the normal tourist sites and attractions.

How we work

No surprises

You will not have any negative surprises from lacking information of costs, fees, what is included or not. We are transparent in our business.


Being your local friend

Our staff will welcome you and act as your local friend during your stay, resolving any issues or problems that you may have, attending as much as possible to your special interests or wishes and providing our “this is my favorite, what I prefer, what I would recommend, what I wouldn’t do” advices.


Our staff is trained to be aware of what is important to foreign visitors, i.e. for North European travelers. Reliability, quality, punctuality, relevant information. English is our working language. Dag can always be reached for issues in Scandinavian language, French or German.

Collaborators and service providers

Quality and reliability first! We only use suppliers and collaborators that we know and have full trust in.



We carefully monitor how our tours are performing and the feedback from our guests and collaborators/supplier. We work hard to ensure the “high quality – no surprises – your local friend – activity and content richness” of Be As A Local.


Through narrow collaboration and contacts with the local tourism authorities and our collaborators and suppliers, Be As A Local remains updated and informed of what the Region has to offer you in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Our plus


There are indeed many activities and characteristic shows that the Region offers, according to the season. Your travelling experience will follow all of them and include the seasonal activities that are on during the period of your holidays with us.

Special trips and events

We may propose special, customized tours and events for groups, firms, organizations in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Through our network, we may offer events and tours in most of Italy.

Sales and Marketing

Be As A Local is working with selected tour operators promoting our offers, as well as directly with individuals.

We are present at the main tourism fairs in the Nordic Countries and in Europe.