Summer round trip in Friuli Venezia Giulia

6 days
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Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Trieste, Aquileia, Udine, Palmanova, Cormons, Cividale, Gorizia.

6 days.

Region is the meeting place of the Italian, Slavic and German culture, each area with its own culture mix and history. Some parts have in the history been under the Venezian Italian influence, some under the Austrian Hungarian German influence, others under the Slavic one. From the point of nature, the FVG Region has it all. Sea, mountains, rivers, inland cities, with a rich and fascinating flora.

A roundtrip is nothing more than a first taste, to let you decide which part you want to return to in order to go more in depth!


Day 1 Arrive in Trieste

Arrival to Trieste. Transfer from the airport. Greeting of ‘your local friend’. You are invited to stroll around in Trieste with your FVG Card and get your first impressions. Dinner in the hotel.

Day 2Visit Trieste

Guided tour in Trieste. The guide will tell you the story of how Trieste, having been made a free port by the Austrian Hungarian Emperor, which it still is, grew into a multi-ethnic cosmopolitan dynamic city. You will visit the historic cafes of ‘the Vienna at the sea’, have lunch in a buffet restaurant that the New York Times found it worth to write a page about. And a tasting of the typical local and mid-European cakes. In the afternoon we will visit the Miramare Castle, built by the brother of the Emperor, before he became king of Mexico. Cooking class. Dinner in the old city. Overnight stay.

Day 3Aquileia - Udine - Palmanova

You will see the ruins of Aquileia, the third biggest city in the Roman Empire, destroyed by Attila. It hosts the biggest preserved roman mosaics. At the time, Aquileia furnished all the wine to the Roman soldiers. You will see Palmanova, a UNESCO site fortress, a local fabulous wine maker in a one of the most beautiful villages, historic villages, before we arrive in Udine. Udine is the capital of Friuli, it has been under Venezian influence. Tiepolo, the great painter, did several masterpieces there which you will see in the Cathedral and the Palazzo Patriarcale. We will tell you about the significant difference in behavior between the Friuli (Udine) people and the Giulia (Trieste) people. Overnight stay.

Day 4Cividale

We will leave for Cividale, which was the first capital of the Longobardi. The city has preserved a strong medieval character and has interesting sights to propose, among those the Devils Bridge. The area between Cividale and Cormons are making white wines among the best in Italy and the world. You will visit fascinating wine makers and a wine bare, challenging your palate. In the evening we will arrive in Gorizia. Overnight stay.

Day 5Gorizia - Vipacca Valley

Gorizia still has active three languages, Italian, Slovene and German. Only in 2004 was pulled down the wall on the Piazza Transalpina beeing part of the Iron Curtain, separating the Italian and Slovenian town parts. Gorizia has a significant historic aspect with important villas and a castle, and a future of enogastronomy. We will take you through the Vipacca Valley in Slovenia for an unforgettable dinner at one of the best restaurants in Slovenia, known for its indeed very creative kitchen. Transfer to the hotel in Trieste where you staid the first night.

Day 6Departure

Time to say “Ciao! A la prossima!” to Trieste. Transfer to the airport.

What is included in the tours
What is not included

Transfer from & to Trieste airport
Hotel with breakfast.
Lunch and dinner including normal quantity of drinks, coffee, tastings, where indicated in the program
Transfers during the program
Guides and local tour leader
Entrance costs to attractions
Courses and course material
FVG Card

Medical treatment if needed
Telephone and minibar in the hotel
On-your-own costs
Tourist tax
All not mentioned above as included, is excluded