Frequently Asked Questions

BE AS A LOCAL is a new company; what experience do you have?  

We are a new company but we have extensive experience in tourism and organization. Dag has been a manager at international level for +20 years and Wolfgang has more than 40 years' experience as a tourism professional. Both with 'Nordic' roots and experience in organizing activities in Italy.

What about insurance?  

As a guarantee of the total fulfilment of its obligations, Be As A Local Srl.  has stipulated a civil responsibility insurance policy.

Which language is the tours organized in?

The standard language is English. We may organize a tour in many other languages, using selected guides. It could be Italian, German, French, Scandinavian languages, Slovenian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese.

How many participants are there in a tour?

BE AS A LOCAL tours should have a personal dimension, where the participants get to know each other, and the 'local friend' manages to recall the name of each and everyone. With smaller groups, it is also possible to enter into smaller laboratories and to organize involving activities. In case of need, we would organize parallel groups instead of doing large groups. For the multi-day tours, the number of participants would be from 6 to 15, for multi destination tours from 12 to 30. The day tours may be from 1 to 20 persons.   

What is the cancellation policy?

For Tours with overnight stay:

* 30% within 30 days of the departure date
* 50% within 15 days of the departure date
* 75% within 5 days of the departure date
* 100% within 4 to 0 days of the departure date

For Day Tours:

* 5% if more than 3 days
* 50% if less than 3 days
* 100% if less than 24 hours

Are the payments safe?

BE AS A LOCAL is a shareholding company, registered in Trieste with number TS-203189. The payments are done in safe and trusted ways to its bank the Unicredit Miramare Branch in Trieste.   It is audited and formally submits its accounts to the Italian Authorities each year.

Is BE AS A LOCAL authorized to sell tourism tours?

BE AS A LOCAL has a license as a travel agency, number 53801 accorded by the Municipality of Trieste.

How can I get hold of someone for support in case of need?

BE AS A LOCAL personnel and the 'local friend' may be contacted at ANY TIME in case you should have a need for support. The telephone numbers of Dag and Wolfgang are on the website, upon arrival you will be informed about that of the 'local friend'.

If I should get sick, what care can I get?

The national health care in Italy and Friuli Venezia Giulia is good, there are excellent medical expertise available. BE AS A LOCAL and the 'local friend' will assist you in the contact with the medical centers. That said, you are required to have a valid health insurance coverage when participating in a BE AS A LOCAL tour. BE AS A LOCAL is not in a position to contribute to any medical expenses you may have.

Which airport should I use?

Trieste Airport, 30 km from Trieste, is the recommended point of arrival, letting you avoid possible queues on the traffic-intensive highways. Alternative airports are Venice Marco Polo and Treviso, both 130 km away, or Ljubljana (Slovenia) 90 km away. Summertime you may also use Pula (Croatia).

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

As BE AS A LOCAL is not aware of when and to which airport or in which way its customers are arriving, it is not possible to organize a standard transportation from the airport or train station etc. to the hotel. For a group booking tour, BE AS A LOCAL will take care of such transportation. For other bookings, you may inform BE AS A LOCAL about when and to where you will arrive, and we will organize at your expense a pick up direct transfer to the hotel in question. You may opt for the cheaper shared pooling transportation, or to have a dedicated mini-van transportation.

How much luggage can I bring?

In case you have much luggage, we invite you to inform as at the time of booking, to avoid capacity problems during transfers.

If I have food allergies, what should I do?

You are invited to inform us about any allergies or intolerances at the time of booking. BE AS A LOCAL will bring such information to the awareness of the 'local friend' and the overnight structures as well as restaurants concerned. The FVG Region has excellent food and a rich offer for persons suffering from gluten intolerance.

What type of hotels do you use?

The hotels we use are 3 star plus or 4 stars, offering you a comfortable stay. For some tours, 5 stars hotels are used. For closed group tours, we choose the hotel together with you.

How is the climate like?

The Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region has sea, inland and mountain areas. The Adriatic Sea provides a 'temperature buffer' for the coastal areas, Trieste has a mean temperature just one degree below that of Rome. The strong Bora wind may for a small number of days, especially during winter, lower the temperatures with 5-10 degrees, after which the temperature gets back to normal comfortable level. The inland and mountain areas may have warmer temperatures during summer (although with low humidity) and low temperatures during winter. In Trieste there are very seldom snow, while in the mountains you have snow and good skiing conditions during the winter. We recommend to bring suitable clothes, including a wind jacket.   

What is the FVG Card?

BE AS A LOCAL has decided to provide all its multiday tour participants with a FVG Card. Beyond providing you a nice booklet with the overview of many interesting activities and destinations in the FVG Region, it provides you with a number of discounts or free access to attraction. 

A 'local friend', what does it mean?

The 'local friend' concept means that the trained personnel of BE AS A LOCAL would like to welcome you as if you would be visiting a friend of yours.  Meaning that the contact with you should be personal and special where we would like you to 'feel comfortably at home'. You would be cared for, helped to explore the local life and activities that the people on your destination appreciate. The concept expresses the wish to share with you the 'local secrets' that 'do-it-yourself' travelers would normally not come across.  

What is not included in the tours? Are there any extra costs that might appear? Are the costs fixed?

The costs are fixed. There are no surprises. For each tour is described what is included and what is not. Please also see the standard terms, as set out on the website. Tourist taxes will have to be paid by the participants in lieu, as required by the law. The amount will vary depending on the municipality and the hotel category (number of stars). In Trieste, the tax in 2019 is €1,20 for 1 star, € 1,50 for 2 stars, €2 for 3 stars, €2,20 for 4 stars and €2,50 for 5 stars, per person per night.

What rights do I have if I should need to cancel a tour?

The cancellation policy is inserted for each program and also in the general terms as set out on the website. 

Do I need a visa?

Please consult your local authorities. Many countries have agreements so that no visa is needed. Citizens of the EU/EEA do not need a visa. In case you need a visa, please move early so as to obtain the visa in time. No obtaining of visa does not provide you with any rights for reimbursements from BE AS A LOCAL beyond what the cancellation policy foresees.

If I want to add some days before or after the tour, what do I need to do?

BE AS A LOCAL would be please to send you an offer for additional days of stay and extra programs. On the website you will find various day-excursions and programs that may be of interest.

If I should miss my flight to come to Italy, what should I do and what are my rights?

You should immediately contact BE AS A LOCAL by phone and/or e-mail; we will seek to find a way for you to catch up with the tour if you arrive late. Nevertheless, you will not be entitled to any refund from BE AS A LOCAL for a 'no show'.

What are the privacy rules in place?

BE AS A LOCAL strictly follows the European Legislation on privacy, as stated on its website.

If I have a problem with my room in the hotel, whom should I address?

You should without due delay inform you 'local friend' and the hotel in question. We will follow up and as possible manage the matter. You may contact Dag of BE AS A LOCAL at any time, if you are not satisfied.

If I have a need of special assistance, how do you deal with that?

At the time of booking, please indicate if you need special assistance, to allow us to organize the services

Are there physical requirements for the participants of a tour?

The physical requirements are indicated for each tour. Normally there are no special requirements.

Of which nationalities are the other participants?

The participants may be of any nationality.

Do I have to share the room with others?

No, you may book the tour as a single person with single rooms, or as two or three persons in a room.